Part III: Nasal Cannula Accessories

Most oxygen supply companies have a wide selection of cannula accessories that make using your nasal cannula safer, more efficient and extra comfortable. Take a look at some nasal cannula accessories below:

  • Ear protectors – Cushions that promote comfort and minimize skin irritation by relieving pressure around the ears where the tubing of the nasal cannula sits.
  • Extension tubing – Available in a variety of lengths allowing for greater mobility around the house. To promote safety, some companies even offer tubing in different colors for increased visibility. Many designs are said to prevent kinking and occlusion, an important consideration for people using home oxygen therapy.
  • Tubing connectors – These handy devices connect any two lengths of extension tubing together to create added length for greater mobility, a plus for people who are active inside the home.
  • Humidifier – A small container that holds water for the purpose of adding moisture to supplemental oxygen. Often used with high-flow oxygen therapy to prevent drying of the nasal passages, minimizing discomfort associated with high-flow oxygen delivery.
  • Humidifier connector adapter – Used to attach a humidifier bottle to a continuous flow oxygen concentrator.
  • Oxygen cannula clips – Bypass the ears to reduce irritation and pressure sores. Attach easily to a hat, headband, wig, or visor.
  • Inline water trap – Collects excess condensation and moisture that sometimes forms in tubing during humidified oxygen therapy.
  • Tubing holders – Skin fixation devices designed to hold the cannula headpiece tubing in place as it rests on the cheeks.
  • Nasal saline spray – Keeps nasal passages moist, relieving irritation caused by the drying effects of oxygen.
  • Nasal moisturizing gel – Alleviates discomfort and irritation associated with long-term oxygen therapy. Provides long-lasting protection in a water-soluble gel improving patient compliance. Provides immediate relief of irritation, especially in the nostrils.

Tubing Lengths

Oxygen tubing varies in length running up to 100 feet or more. You can also attach two or more tubing lengths together to create a longer extension tubing. Your oxygen supply company can help you determine the length of tubing that best suits your lifestyle. Purchase nasal cannula accessories here.