Category: COPD

Stage IV (Very Severe) COPD

Stage IV (Very Severe) COPD Although this stage of COPD is categorized by severe lung damage, medical treatment can still help you manage its symptoms. People in Stage IV experience more severe symptoms, frequent flare-ups and...

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Stage III (Severe) COPD

Stage III (Severe) COPD In Stage III, symptoms of COPD increase and have a greater impact on quality of life. You may experience increased coughing with more mucus, more frequent disease exacerbations and increased fatigue. Most...

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Stage II (Moderate) COPD

Stage II (Moderate) COPD At this stage of the disease, symptoms worsen and begin to affect your daily life. Many people first learn they have COPD when it progresses to Stage II. Symptoms in Stage II include constant coughing,...

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Stage I (Early Stage) COPD

Stage I (Early Stage) COPD People in this stage of COPD are at low risk of exacerbation and experience only minor symptoms. Those at high risk for developing COPD, such as those who smoke or used to smoke, should be aware of...

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COPD Oxygen Therapy

Part V: More about COPD and Oxygen Therapy Not everyone with COPD needs oxygen therapy. Before it’s prescribed, your doctor will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood via a device called a pulse oximeter and/or an arterial...

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